Port Of Halifax


Halifax has one of the largest natural harbours in the world. It boasts an outer harbour two kilometers in width and eight kilometers in length. It also has one of the deepest harbours, deeper than any of its competitors on the eastern seaboard. This ice-free harbour is sheltered and spacious with minimal currents and tides. The Port is the first inbound port and the last outbound port of call in North America, located only an hour from the Great Circle Route.



The Port has exceptional highway connections to all inland points in Canada and the United States. Direct and connecting air freight and passenger services to all destinations are offered though the Halifax International Airport. CN Rail offers double-stack and reefer service coast to coast. CN now provides a continuous line via the Illinois Central to Iowa, Kansas City, Memphis, and the Gulf of Mexico.



Halifax's natural advantages make it ideally positioned for the trend towards increasingly larger ships. In fact, it is the only East Coast port capable of accommodating post-Panamax ships.

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