General Information for Truckers


Get To Know Our Terminal

Orientation Training

1. Transport General Instructions and Map
2. Transport Driver - Terminal Rules

To facilitate tracking of training completed, please email [email protected] and provide Driver name, Company Name and Date of Orientation.

What do I wear to be safe?

Class 2 safety vests and steel toed footwear must be worn in all areas at PSA Halifax including marshalling yards and receiving areas when exiting thier trucks.

What do I need to get in?

To enter the terminal every trucker including their passengers must be over 18 and have a Halifax Port Authority road transport photo ID (pass) or must have a government issued photo id to obtain a visitors pass .

Anyone not having one of these documents will be refused entry. Drivers entering the terminal without completion of video based training will be requested to proceed for orientation prior to entering the terminal

How does the gate work?

Marshalling Yard Area
  • - Ready container/equipment for delivery or receiving; Unhook chassis locks or tie downs. All door handles on full containers must be in lock handle retainers.
  • - Proceed to Entry processing Area only when 'Ready to GO' check list is completed
Entry Processing Area
  • - Lanes 1,2 and 3 are reserved for FAST/EXPRES and Halifax Port Authority ID holders.
  • - Lane 4 must be used if V pass is required and or when assistance is needed. All new Trucker’s must report to Security for Orientation.
  • - Shut down at all posted Stops at the Yard Entry.
  • - Do not move off the first stop when another truck is at the gate arm and not until gate arm is down.
  • - Shut down on Scale.
Scale Area
  • - Press button on Kiosk to initiate call to Gate Coordinator and scan FAST/EXPRESS or Halifax Port Authority Road Transport ID.
  • - Once all tickets are received and the Lift-gate is up this is the signal that the trucker can start and proceed on terminal.
  • - Flashing Lights or a Beacon Light is required until Yard Exit

Ready to go?

Please ahere to the following requirements for delivering and picking up:

Full-in: booking number and cargo weight

Empty-in: line owner of container

Empty-pick up: booking number and container(s) if required

Full-pick up: container number and minimum last four digits of bl# or cargo number

Please note:

1. When picking up fulls please ensure container is cleared and available (will be green letters in Forecast)

2. When picking up empties please ensure booking is valid in Forecast

Additional Information

In order to minimize delays at the PSA Halifax gate, Transport Companies are asked to provide orientation training (see above) to their drivers prior to dispatch. Drivers should be provided with a copy of the Terminal Rules and Instruction/Map (available on this site) for keeping with them at all times when at PSA Halifax. The training is mandatory for all drivers, regardless of experience on our terminal.


Policy on Children at Terminal


Safe Work Procedures - Container Truck Loading and Unloading Operations